🐧💡 GNU/#Linux tip. The online application helps you to install missing commands and gives you first examples of use.

Example with Emacs:

# notification

🐧💡 GNU/Linux tip:
$ notify-send 'Summary' ['Message']
send a notification.

Useful to be informed when a long task is finished, for example a heavy compilation:
$ make; notify-send 'Message' is a little script to make that easier, and to condition the display according to the return code of the previous executed task.

$ make; --return $? 'make finished'

Set the following alias to use it directly:
$ alias finished=' --return $?'
$ make; finished 'make finished'

There are options to play a sound, change the icon…


🐧🧰 proc_deleted (Bash)

Bash command to list processes that have some deleted files, and to allow to kill them.

More precisely, takes list of /proc/*/fd/* with mention "(deleted)", filters it by patterns, extracts PIDs, and then displays the list and PIDs. Options allow to kill them.

Lists all /proc/*/fd/* with mention "(deleted)" and lists their PIDs:

Lists lines that match regular expressions tmp *and* #[0-5], and lists their PIDs:
$ tmp '#[0-5]'

# # #
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