The building was originally an orthodox christian church. Now Turkeys islamist erdogan wants to make it into a mosque. This is islamic takeover, and it must be stopped

Muslim vergewaltigt 83-Jährige

A retired Iraq war veteran who fought off eight Muslim men after they attacked his wife has tried to put the record straight on what exactly happened that day.
Kyle Tyrrell, 48, had an altercation with fishermen on Victoria's Surf Coast a year ago while standing up for his wife Liana

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly

Særligt den arabisk-muslimske slavehandel adskiller sig fra den transatlantiske ved sin varighed, omfang og grusomhed samt mangelen på skyldfølelse

Following years of disturbing accounts of Nigerian Christians suffering extreme persecution at the hands of Boko Haram, the Islamic State, and Fulani herdsmen, authors of a newly released reportare urging the U.K. government to sanction individual government officials in the African nation who have permitted the persecution to continue

More Christians are suffering for their faith than any other time in history. Millions of believers live in places where they are oppressed, imprisoned, discriminated against and even violently attacked—all because they believe in Jesus

Medierne taler om systemisk racisme, men ignorerer overgreb mod danske unge. Politikerne har svigtet. Medierne har svigtet

Choose safety in these turbolent times. Choose Trump

What makes islam so dangerous is that it is (facist) politics disguised as religion

Do Black (Nigerian Christian) Lives Matter?
Muslim terrorists in Nigeria are taking thousands of black christian lives. Where's the outrage

Terrorism against christians again. South africa has almost no muslim population, but we will follow the situation closely. Might be muslim terrorists from abroad. 5 dead in hostage situation at South Africa church; 40 arrested

Open Doors serves persecuted Christians around the world by providing vital support, delivering resources, and providing training

Størstedelen af religiøs forfølgelse rundt om i verden er rettet mod kristne

Muslim attacks on christians accelerate globally

Together, we are rebuilding our nation. Let the power belong to the ones who rebuild, never the ones who riot and destroy

Det kan kun gå for langsomt med at få lettet skatter og afgifter i landet med verdens højeste skattetryk

Ever since his death, Karl Marx has been hailed as the hero of the downtrodden, but this could not be further from the truth. In reality, Marx and his socialist partner-in-crime, Friedrich Engels, a co-author of the Communist Manifesto, held those most in need in society in near-total contempt

SHARIA-COMPLIANT DENMARK: Political party leader, Rasmus Paludin, jailed for crime of criticizing Islam. How did it end up with authorities helping islamic terrorists?

Den 20-årige Ziad Omar Alfarroukh fra Kalundborg flygtede natten til fredag kl. 04.13 fra Køge Arrest på Kongsberg Allé

The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
Addressing A Common Muslim Polemic. A very common problem is that muslims try to cover up the very hateful orders about killing non-muslims in the koran

Aid and relief for the persecuted church. From Christians to Christians. Volunteers. Advocacy

Ordet og Israel er en kristen bevægelse, som driver et arbejde i Danmark og Israel. Vi ønsker, at kristne får Bibelens syn på Israel, og at jøder må få Bibelens syn på Jesus som Messias

The anti-Israel bias must stop now. It's time to tell our side of the story

Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari said he wanted to kill more people than Pulse nightclub jihad mass shooter

Den enorme muslimske indvandring har ændret Danmark på fundamental vis. Islamiseringen har – bid for bid – ædt sig ind på vores samfund. Muslimske kulturelle normer har forandret mange områder i landet og sætter danske normer og værdier sættes under pres i foreninger og institutioner

What unites the left and islam is just their common facist hate against jewish people. But do not expect it to stop there. They will be coming for the Christians too

Geert Wilders: ‘‘Allahu Akbar does not belong to The Netherlands. Mosques do not belong to the Netherlands. Islam does not belong to The Netherlands.’’

Volksabstimmung zum EU-Austritt. Deutschland ist seit Jahren Zahlmeister für ganz Europa. Es wird Zeit, über ein Ende der ewigen Zahlerei zu sprechen

Islam must be stopped at all costs. It is a supremacist ideology that aims to conquer and subjugate. Let’s examine the origins of this practice

An Isis supporter who planned to destroy St Paul’s Cathedral and kill “herself and as many other people as possible” has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years in prison
Safiyya Amira Shaikh, a 37-year-old mother and Muslim convert from Hayes, west London, wanted to “blow” the landmark “to the ground” and “hated the UK”, the Old Bailey heard

Vi har nu kørt sporadisk øvelse i grænsekontrol i et par uger og kan konstatere at man reagerer på SIADs afsløringer om den ikke-eksisterende grænsekontrol. Grænserne står piv-åbne

We need a good black christian as a mayor in London. Not the Pakistani muslim who cheated his way into power

Danmarks Nationale Front (DNF) blev grundlagt i 2007, i kølvandet på lukningen af Dansk Front. Vi mente, og vi mener stadig, at Danmark har brug for et nyt højrenationalistisk initiativ, som er mere aktivistisk orienteret end man tidligere har set på højrefløjen

Simon Deng, a native of the Shiluk Kingdom in southern Sudan, is an escaped jihad slave and a leading human rights activist. He was captured as a slave by arab muslims, just because he is black and christian
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