[bookmark=]Une pétition circule contre l’imam Hassen Chalghoumi, menacé de mort par la galaxie islamiste. Cette fois, une personnalité proche d’Emmanuel Macron, Bariza Khiari, membre du bureau exécutif de La République en marche, signe et relaie ce texte dangereux...… [/bookmark]


While couponing may seem easy, there is definitely a learning curve that comes with saving the most money. It is much than just cutting out some coupons and thinking you will save lots of money. You have to figure out where to get them, and then how you'll use them. This article will be able to assist you in getting information on coupons.

It is not a good idea to buy things just because you found a coupon. For some reason people think they are saving money when they buy a lot of items and use coupons. Only take along coupons for stuff that you really need so that you're not spending money for no reason.

President Donald Trump, often portrayed by liberal media as a racist, has reportedly attracted the highest share of minority voters of any Republican presidential candidate

When it comes to social media influencers, many might recognize Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roger Federer, and Billy Joel. But what about the superstar Islamist clerics — Mohamad Al Arefe, A’id Al Qarnee, Salman Al Odah, and Othman Al Khamis — whose track records range from incitement of jihad, country-entry bans, and displays of bigotry?

Islams skadeverkningar på samhället kan liknas vid en koloni husbock som långsamt men obevekligt knaprar på samhällets grundvalar och gradvis eroderar demokrati, likhet inför lagen, jämställdhet och den viktiga tilliten mellan människor

Big tech censors black conservatices
Even though Netflix and Amazon Prime were quick to promote black-oriented content after the death of George Floyd, it appears that streaming services are willing to take a pass when it comes to content made by black conservatives that questions the status quo

Muslim immigrants are attacking Christians even in churches in our own countries. When will we Christians start to defend ourselves?

Geschichtslehrer Samuel Paty (47) ist ein Held unserer Zeit. Ein Lehrer, der seinen Schülern die Meinungsfreiheit erklärte und dieses Wissen mit aktuellen Geschehnissen anschaulich vermittelte

The threat of radical islam is much greater than the treat was from nazism. The numbers of muslims who are ready to kill for what they believe in is much larger

Endeavor to:
Enlighten the electorate to the US and state constitutions, founding conservative values and self-evident truths.
Empower We the People to defend and preserve liberty and hold government officials accountable.
Engage the public through political and civic action to restore government to its original intent

Stor forskel på vestlige og ikke-vestlige personers årlige bidrag til de offentlige finanser. Hos vestlige personer giver det et samlet overskud, mens det hos ikke-vestlige personer giver et stort samlet underskud

Without a doubt, President Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president in history, writes the president of the Broward Log Cabin Republicans, who says that he's been more openly supportive of gay rights than former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Truth has no agenda. Large parts of the mainstream media could learn from that

SVERIGE: Islamism hör inte hemma i Europa. Det är dags att Europas – och Sveriges – politiker drar slutsatser av halshuggningen av läraren som visade Muhammedkarikatyrer, menar Charlie Weimers, EU-parlamentsledamot för Sverigedemokraterna

The Halal Industry’s demand for ‘HALAL EXPORTS ONLY’ is being used as an excuse to take halal mainstream Globally to everyone
Stop islamic terrorism by cutting their funding, and say no to halal

Trump is supporting gay people. Muslims are against gay people. So if you are Gay, Straight, Bi, and all that other stuff and you like Trump JOIN ! We need to protect all Americans, of all backgrounds and all beliefs, from Radical Islamic Terrorism - which has no place in an open and tolerant society

Steun PVV als je een vrij Nederland wilt. Vrijheid is moeilijk te bereiken, maar kan gemakkelijk worden weggenomen

MUSLIM TERROR IN VIENNA: Mass Shooting at Synagogue of Vienna
– Muslim terrorists reportedly attacked 4 locations: 2 restaurants, a Synagogue, and the Jewish Community Center while shouting "allah hu akbar"
– Suspects reportedly still at large

Women for Trump will support women to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing their experiences and successes during the Trump administration. Re-electing the President ensures greater economic opportunity for women, safer communities for our families, and commonsense healthcare policies for generations to come

Lyon: vers 12 heures, arrestation d'un homme armé d'un couteau alors qu'il allait monter à bord d'un tramway. Il est actuellement entendu par les enquêteurs. Sur son profil: il est musulman d'origine afghane, âgé de 26 ans et en possession d'un titre de séjour

Generation Identity aims to preserve European peoples and cultures. We want to stop and invert the dangerous demographic trend, that will lead to the replacement of our peoples and to the end of our values and civilisation. Our force is our activism: from small flyers to big demonstrations – we are the first line of resistance against the disastrous policy of multiculturalism

Locutores. Escena Digital: locutores españoles. Locutores profesionales. Su locutor

Locutores españoles. Locutores de España. Locutor español. Locutor de España

Dubbing movies. Dubbing studio. Dubbing films. Dubbing movie

"Recherche scientifique : à l’école de la pensée critique" (La Méthode scientifique)

"# # : à l’école de la # # (La Méthode scientifique, 2 novembre 2020)
Avec Elena #, Denis # et Richard #.
"Quelle définition peut-on donner de l’esprit critique et de l’esprit scientifique ? Comment l’# à l’esprit critique est-elle devenue un enjeu fondamental de l’école ? Quelles différences y’a-t-il entre # scientifique et esprit critique ?"
# # #

[bookmark=]Pas un mot du Président pour les enseignants... Pas d’anticipation sur l’école (pas d’embauche, pas de réquisition de locaux, de commande de tables individuelles, pas de de concertation pour construire la complémentarité entre distantiel et présentiel)... Où va-t-on ?[/bookmark]
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As a Latin American it is important to re-elect Trump, and have America in a safe position with a fantastic economy, and a zero-tolerence against protesters who are looting latino shops

„Wenn Innenminister Nehammer der Meinung ist, dass die verstärkte Überwachung des öffentlichen Raums durch die normale Polizei als Maßnahme gegen Terroristen etwas hilft, dann zeigt er nur seine Inkompetenz und völlige Unwissenheit. Muslimische Terroristen haben keine Angst vor Streifenpolizisten

Ban Islam is a WAKE UP page for all the world, especially rational Muslims who we really respect.
Islam is an authoritarian, political doctrine which imposes itself by force & calls to kill those who don't believe in it

Women for Trump supports candidates that support President Trump’s America First Agenda and will work to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

På lördag eftermiddag kom information om att en präst vid en grekisk-ortodox kyrka i den franska staden Lyon hade skjutits av en muslim som sedan flydde från platsen. Mannen sägs ha ropat "Allahu akbar" i samband med handlingen. Han greps senare av polisen

Muslims have used black Christians as slaves for centuries, and are still doing this practice even today
Slavery is deeply embedded in Islamic law and tradition. Although a slave-owner is cautioned against treating slaves harshly, basic human rights are not obliged. The very fact that only non-Muslims may be taken as slaves is evidence of Islam's supremacist doctrine

RADIO SILENCE: Spanish Nets Avoid Coverage of Jorge Masvidal’s Strong Pro-Trump Stance. Unfortunately it is not really anything new that much of the established media is against Trump and his supporters

Det er let at følge med i Dansk Folkeparti. Her kan du læse partiformand Kristian Thulesen Dahls ugebrev, læse om arrangementer i partiet, i Dansk Folkeblad og Europæisk Folkeblad, der oplyser om partiets mange spændende aktiviteter

Muslim immigrants keep on killing Christians and pastors in France. For the third time in the month, and now reported on by AFP via Yahoo! News, another priest, this time a Greek Orthodox priest, was shot at a church in Lyon, France

New York Post Endorses Trump: 'Make America Great Again, Again'
The New York Post Monday endorsed President Donald Trump's reelection, saying that he'll put 2020 behind and "make America great again, again" through a return to the "explosive job creation, rising wages, and general prosperity" the nation had before the coronavirus pandemic

Un niño de 11 años fue golpeado por una pandilla en Suecia porque llevaba una cruz y se declaró cristiano, según los medios de comunicación locales.
El niño estaba jugando al fútbol en un parque de Malmö el lunes por la tarde cuando un número desconocido de chicos se le acercó y le preguntó si su cruz «se debía a su religión».
Después de confirmarlo, la pandilla preguntó si «comía cerdo»

Islamic law poses a threat to nearly every liberal value that the West holds dear. Learn as much as you can about why Islam is dangerous. Understand its history. Learn how thousands of people can do brutal things each year explicitly in the name of Islam and Allah

Donald Trump speaks the truth to the political establishment, which is why Democrats and RINOs hate him!
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