Sultan Marmed Nazi, le « déséquilibré » qui a tué Timothy parce qu’il n’était pas musulman ne sera pas jugé
J’ai la haine. Une haine absolue, tenace. Contre l’assassin. Contre les experts et juges qui permettent une telle injustice. Contre les connards qui, en votant pour des dégénérés qui n’ont de cesse d’excuser les immigrés, légaux ou illégaux, et de rendre leurs crimes impunis. . Pauvre gosse, pauvre Timothy. Il n’a pas eu de chance

Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal
The bad news keeps rolling in for Michelle Obama
The former First Lady is facing some of the ugliest accusations of her public life
And that’s because Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal

Mainstream Democrats are openly announcing their plans to pack the Supreme Court early next year. Democrats like Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He now openly acknowledges that Democrats are motivated not by the principles of the US Constitution, but simply by the pursuit of raw power

Partiledare för den lilla lokala Malmölistan, avslöjar hur långt den islamistiska
förruttnelsen gått inom socialdemokratin i Malmö
Och i avsaknad av någon kritiskt granskande journalistik i staden har det fått fortgå ostört i många år

Economic Recovery Starts, Thanks to Capitalism. Trump left America with the best economy ever recorded in history before the corona crisis, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics report for the month of August just came in saying the U.S. economy is surging forward in strong recovery mode

This year’s $3.3 trillion federal deficit is not just three times larger than last year: it is the largest federal deficit in history. The CBO update also predicts that the federal debt will equal 104 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) next year and will reach 108 percent of GDP by 2030
The democratic party are only going to make the debt worse if they win the election, and realise all their spending plans

Die geplante Aufnahme von Moria-Migranten durch die Bundesregierung geht der SPD nicht weit genug. Die Genossen wollen offenbar nahezu alle kriminellen Migranten in unsere Sozialsysteme schleusen

That is the look I get and the line I hear when I share my distant political past with people who only know me as a rock-ribbed Republican who is “conservative to the core”. Hey, we all make mistakes and registering as a Democrat when I turned 18 was a big one

an ideologically-based supremacist mindset that demands that societies accommodate them, rather than their assimilating into their host societies. This also reflects sharia law’s requirement that human laws must always be subordinate to Islamic law

Birgitte Klintskov Jerkel er medlem af Folketinget for De Konservative. I går søndag ville hun besøge det indvandrertætte område Motalavej i Korsør, der er berygtet for asocial adfærd, kriminalitet og for imamer, der styrer området

This is about time. Trump Prepares To Label Muslim Brotherhood A ‘Terror Organization’. The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act prefaces its conclusions with comprehensive research and historical precedent. "Multiple countries have declared the Society of the Muslim Brothers (commonly known as the ‘‘Muslim Brotherhood’’) a terrorist organization or proscribed the group from operating in their countries," begins the bill

Trump is bringing America back, accepts Republican nomination. President Donald Trump has once again accepted the Republican nomination for President with the promise to fully reopen America as 2.9 million Americans have left continued unemployment claims in the past month, according to the latest data from the Department of Labor

Zobacz co Konfederacja może dla Ciebie zrobić

My advice to all americans is to get rid of muslim terrorists in your politics. Maybe they are not killing people while trying to hide their real sides, but they are still a danger, and will try to specialize in finding out how to manipulate the masses. How is it even possible to be a politician in the US when you side with muslim terrorists?

Islamist terror is evil, not mental
The Berlin motorway attack is being downplayed as a product of mental illness rather than of Islamist ideology
The attacker stopped on the motorway and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he got out of his car

I musulmani come persone vanno rispettati. Ma l'islam come religione è incompatibile con le leggi laiche, le regole della civile convivenza, i valori della sacralità della vita, pari dignità tra le persone, libertà di scelta. Per salvaguardare la nostra civiltà, prevenendo guerre di religione o istigate dal razzismo, per il bene dei musulmani che scelgono di vivere con noi, dobbiamo rimettere fuori legge l'islam nel nostro Stato di diritto come ha fatto l'Europa per 1400 anni

YASMINE MOHAMMED: HOW ISLAM HURTS WOMEN. This International Women's Day in the Muslim world: in Turkey and Pakistan, women's marches were attacked; in Iran, a feminist campaigner is serving 33 years; in Dubai, the ruler has been found by a British judge to have kidnapped and imprisoned his two daughters for up to 20 years

Our proud nation and history deserve better
In the 1980s I traveled to the Soviet Union as part of a junior high school soccer program. Decades have passed since the trip, but the memories remain. Shelves were barren. Citizens drank from communal water fountains

Kristne er i øjeblikket de mest forfulgte og diskriminerede på verdensplan. Vi kræver en politisk indgriben!

Wealthy NYC woman, 20, faces 4 years in prison for participating in Antifa-linked protest that caused $100K in damages: 'I don't want to talk about it'

Conservative groups join forces to host new CancelCon event: ‘refuse to be bullied’. A free online event set for September 17 will bring together conservative student groups

Bli en del av vår politiska rörelse
Var med och utmana det korrupta etablissemanget genom att bli medlem i Alternativ för Sverige

RECENT terror attacks by former prisoners and the suspected first terrorist attack inside a jail have highlighted once again the problem of the Islamisation of our prisons

Your membership will enable us to meet our goals and help educate Latinos/Hispanic/Mexican America across the nation on Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Economy, Education and National Security policies. Latinos for Trump is a non-profit organization. You will receive a Latinos for Trump T-Shirt . with your $25.00 Membership Fee

Frankfurt/Main: Die muslimische Grünen-Abgeordnete Eskandari-Grünberg fordert Deutsche erneut zum Auswandern auf. Frankfurt/Main: Grünen-Abgeordnete fordert Deutsche zum Auswandern auf Sie tat es schon einmal. Mindestens. Die Grünenabgeordnete Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg forderte deutsche Gegner eines Moscheenbaus in Frankfurt dazu auf, Deutschland zu verlassen

Stop killing the boers. End racism against white people in South Africa

The leftist media hates americans more than islamic terrorists. The Washington Post published a far more inflammatory and negative headline for the obituary for an American businessman than for the head of ISIS

Det er ikke rimeligt at man laver politisk propaganda for penge man modtager fra skatteborgerne. Hvis det danske fodboldlandshold vil knæle for en politisk organisation fra udlandet, så må de gøre det for egne midler, og ikke skattekroner som gennemsnitsdanskeren der ikke er enig i disse markeringer, er tvunget til at betale

Persecution of christians has to stop now. Christians are the most persecuted worldwide. We demand political action!

How come they are releasing a murderer?. Even one who murdered a Trump supporter for political reasons, which should be punished harder

Antifa is een terroristische organisatie. Het moet worden afgesloten

You will not hear a single word from the hate-Trump media about any of this Obama-Biden corruption as the Democrats’ convention unfolds

This is a very direct islamic attack against Christianity. We Christians have to defend ourselves right now. In July, when Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan followed through on threats to turn Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia church into a mosque, the Western world reacted mostly with disinterest, but also with a degree of outrage from some circles

Meinungsfreiheit In Deutschland
Überwachungsstaat - multikulti - Islam - Kulturbereicherung
Das sind die Themen mit denen sich dieser Blog befassen wird

BLM is an organization founded by self-proclaimed Marxists who oppose the idea of America, private property, and the nuclear family, and the group is now making statements that appear strongly anti-Semitic

Joe Biden SCREWS EVERYTHING UP ALL WEEK As He Finally Leaves The Basement. It becomes more and more clear that this man is not doing well mentally and physically

Det danske landshold i fodbold har nu vist at de ikke er for hele Danmark, i og med at de har valgt at knæle for at vise sympati med terrororganisationen BLM. Føj, kommer aldrig til at holde med jer igen. I er IKKE Danmark!

Yet 20 years ago, it was the wealthiest country in Latin America. It still has the world’s biggest oil reserves. It should be a happy and prosperous nation. But then Venezuela went socialist
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