All the muhammed cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo

Den svenska bloggaren och konstnären Dan Park, som har mycket rätt om de negativa konsekvenserna av islamisk invandring

Latinos for Trump are mobilizing to re-elect President Donald. J. Trump by sharing the historic gains made in Latino communities as a result of the Trump administration. Re-electing President Trump will ensure economic opportunity, safer communities and religious liberty for generations to come

Les Français se sentent impuissants face aux jihadistes. Il est temps de se débarrasser de tous les terroristes musulmans

A muslim student in France stabbed his teacher to death for showing the muhammed cartoons in his class, teaching about the subject
France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said that authorities investigating the horrific killing of Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on Friday have also arrested nine suspects, including the grandfather, parents and 17-year-old brother of the attacker

Ontario Proud is standing up for working Ontarians. We’re fighting for affordable government, holding our politicians accountable and working to defeat our failed prime minister, Justin Trudeau
More than 400,000 Ontarians have joined our cause. Add your name if you’re with us. Together, we’ll bring the change Canada so desperately needs

Franske politifolk blev mødt af et uhyggeligt syn fredag ved 17-tiden.
I byen Éragny nordvest for Paris stødte de på en mand, der flakkede rundt med en kniv i hånden
Betjentene råbte til manden, at han skulle smide sin kniv, men han blev truende og aggressiv. Ifølge nogle kilder råbte han ”Allahu akbar!” (”Allah er størst!”). Da han fortsat nægtede at overgive sig, blev han skudt og dræbt af betjentene

Facebook and Twitter Stop Users From Sharing Joe Biden Scandal Story
The New York Post revealed emails with information about how Hunter Biden was taking advantage of the influence of his father, Joe Biden, when the latter was Vice President

To 16-åringer med irakisk bakgrunn er arrestert for mordforsøk og våpenkriminalitet etter de skjøt en jevngammel gutt i en by i Borås kommune fredag forrige uke

The media is trying to cover-up a horrifying video exposing Islamic- Jihadi brainwashing in American schools. In recent days, a shocking video from a Philadelphia Muslim school shows children singing their approval for beheading infidels, and for suicide bombing

Failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton tried her best to attack Amy Coney Barrett in a tweet Wednesday — but it seems it was Clinton herself who ended up getting schooled

Muslimischer „Schwede des Jahres“ hetzte im Netz gegen Juden und Schwule

Muslim terrorist complains about being labeled as terrorist. The London Bridge terrorist, Usman Khan, complained during a 2008 interview about “these labels they’re putting on us,” saying, “I ain’t no terrorist.”

“The Proud Boys, I’ve never heard of,” Walker said. “So I was confused why Chris Wallace would ask the president about the Proud Boys. ‘Cuz I’ve never seen the Proud Boys break any windows, assault any police officer, kill anyone. Never seen them destroy a business, try to intimidate anyone, destroy a restaurant, but I have seen BLM and Antifa do that

Organiserad kriminalitet, islamism och andra säkerhetshot
Sverigedemokraterna är för ett starkt samarbete inom EU för att bekämpa gränsöverskridande brottslighet, terrorism samt islamism och annan extremism. Vi är samtidigt en tydlig garant för att EU inte får mer makt än vad som är nödvändigt för att skapa ett mervärde i samarbetet mot gränsöverskridande hot


Comment je suis passé de très croyant à totalement athée

Thanks to President Trump, the number of Black Americans who are now employed is at the highest level in history

Her en interessant video af en Trump-supporter, som iklæder sig en Biden T-shirt+hat og spørger folk om Biden/Trump i Houston,Texas, der normalt stemmer demokratisk !
Næsten alle ( de få ! ), der siger de vil stemme på Biden, er ude af stand til at svare på spørgsmålet “Hvad er det vigtigste, som Joe Biden har fået gennemført i de 47 år, han har været ved magten ?

Greenfield: The DOJ Forced a New Jersey Town to Accept a Mosque & a Chinese Immigrant’s Son Joined The terrorist organisation Hamas. Jonathan had decided to convert to Islam, become an Islamic terrorist and kill lots of people. Especially Jews. And possibly anyone in Trump Tower. Including President Trump

Germans are being mass brainwashed by television to surrender their culture and submit to Islam
This is what capitulation looks like

Extremismusskandal in Sachsen: Justizministerin Katja Meier (Die Grünen) hat massenweise Linksextremisten in ihr Ministerium geschleust. von Dieter Stein Sachsens Justizministerin Katja Meier (Grüne) ist wegen der Personalpolitik in ihrem Ministerium in die Schlagzeilen geraten

How & Why We Boycott Halal
Islam is introducing shariah into our society via halal products & services… this is a Stealth Jihad in the West and in many Non-Islamic countries worldwide

Monitoring how Islam is subverting public institutions in Northern Virginia and the greater DC Metro Area

Génération Identitaire est un mouvement politique de jeunesse qui rassemble des garçons et des filles à travers toute l’Europe. Il a été fondé en septembre 2012

Mise en place du serveur friendica lugnasad

Je viens de mettre en ligne ce serveur afin de permettre un accès à friendica à mes amis (francophone) amateurs de sciences et notamment aux membres du groupe Facebook station des sciences. J'espère en faire migrer un certain nombre sur un réseau libre, ouvert et non commercial.

Evil democrats who hope Trump dies from his covid19 infection. Evil has no place in politics, and no place in the US

Brigitte Gabriel ist eine libanesisch-amerikanische Journalistin, Autorin, Politik-Dozentin, Islamkritikerin und syrisch-maronitische Christin aus dem Libanon. Der Libanon war einst ein demokratisches und christlich geprägtes Land. Ökonomisch war es die beste Wirtschaft im nahen Osten, obwohl kein Öl fließt

In connection with last week’s Islamist-inspired knife attack in Paris, in which two journalists were seriously injured, investigators have apparently seized exciting evidence on the main suspect’s mobile phone

Why should the entire world reject Muhammad as a prophet? Here are 50 reasons, arranged by category (some reasons could have been listed under more than one category)

Under president Donald Trump och Joe Bidens fösta debatt under natten mot onsdagen svensk tid yttrade Demokraternas kandidat en fras som gick somliga förbi medan andra snappade upp den och försökt bringa klarhet i vad det faktiskt var. Nu står det klart att Biden använde en arabisk fras i debatten

Today the Associated Press updated its Stylebook to tell reporters how they should describe riots. Basically, the AP doesn’t want readers to get the right impression

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse attempted to do what the police were unwilling to do: defend lives and property. As a result, hordes of domestic terrorists in Kenosha, Wisconsin tried to kill him. Then Rittenhouse was falsely charged for defending himself from a relentless attack by a crowd. The true criminals remain free (the ones who burnt the town down), while the mainstream media vilifies Rittenhouse for his valor. Please support his legal defense

Adam og Noah. Bare en oplysning til jer. Indavl er sjovt i sig selv. I behøver slet ikke sige eller gøre noget
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